Permanent Makeup

For Eyeliner - Eyes do swell, so you may need a driver if you are coming from out of town. NO contacts or coffee the day of. NO eye make up for a week after. Lash Extensions must be removed prior to appointment.
For Lips - Lips will swell, color will fade to 50% off initial coloring once healed. If you have a history of cold sores, you will need a perscription of Acyclovir before treatment. Can expect a flair up if not treated.
If you are on blood thinners, antibiotics or hormone therapy, that can effect how the pigment settles as it heals.
If you have diabetes, a doctors note is required stating that blood sugar is under control prior to having any work done.
Post Treatment Aftercare varies for each procedure and will be discussed during your consultation and at the completion of your procedure.
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